weekend shinanigans…

After 3 solid weeks of work, the lady and I decided that we would do whatever we wanted this weekend. It started with a crazy friday night of making a pallet on the living room floor and watching the Nannie Diaries…I’m surprised the cops weren’t here banging down the doors for our blatant rebellion against noise violations. It was actually exactly what I needed, a very low key night, not much thinking involved, and I passed out when I felt like it. 645 am rolls around with me straining to get comfortable on the floor…to a comfortable bed we crawled in zombified glory.

Woke up sometime later around noon to start the day. Met some friends at a place for brunch…consider the fact that people my age start their weekend days at 10am (crack of dawn) and a noon meal can be considered brunch. After that took off with the Chelz to get her hair did, she wasn’t very happy with the outcome…not so much on round 2 either. I think she’s beautiful, she may read this later so I have to type that. After the cut, we took off to the dirty berg to see my folks and got some steaks at Texas Roadhouse.

As the food settled we took off to see the fight over at a friends, left there to go meet some more downtown. As we walked through RocBar/Mosaic I noticed a shirt that I had designed had sprouted up…it felt pretty cool to know that I somewhat put my own style on this city.


Go for a good time but don’t test the crew!


We’ll start the auction off at $600


Before you stop to smell the roses, beware of the dog. And to all a good night!

Headed out to House of Pies last night for a farewell snack with our friend Anna. She’s moving off to DC for grad school. The Chelz and I def need to make it out there for some visiting time. We’ve got a good amount friends in the north east now. Maybe we’ll move up there one day too. Our buddie Maurice showed up as well, had some good manly conversation with this hombre. He had some good tales for his last couple of years in the dating game, maybe I’ll get permission to put some of those up one day…I leave you in suspense

My lady said “hey you should get a blog”…me distracted by the overwhelming wowness of Adam Sandler’s “Eight Crazy Nights” replied with the intelligent “huh?” a few hours later and here I am. Congratulations on your birthday Mr. Blog…scratch that, Ms. Blog. If I’m spending time away from my woman, it’s gonna be for another woman.

Since I’ve never had one and I really don’t keep up with my facebook/myspace/*xanga* I have no updates. Instead here’s an insight:

Who is theBer? almost 26 years of curiosity, friends, great family, education, mistakes, failures, achievments, 100 mile stares, thoughts about life, and dreams (some of them will be showing up on here, and possibly in a movie one day).

Origin of theBer: 1994, watching Little Giants with my best friend. Old man in the diner has the name of Wilbur, my friend’s older brother overhears it, starts calling me Wilbur instead of Will. That continues until the year 2000. My older sister moves to College Station, her and her roomate shorten it from Wilbur to Bur/Ber. 3 years later, I’m assuming that they have yet to run into another “Ber” so I become theBer. Cool story Hanzel.

So as it started, 18 August 2009. In the past couple months theChelz and I have squatted on our new place, I’m away from the oil rigs for good, I’m back in Houston with friends and good times, and I’ve landed a great job doing graphic and web design at Finch Creative (www.finchcreative.com).

I love mondays.